Kelly Barnes Dam Flood of November 6, 1977, near Toccoa, Georgia
by C.L. Sanders and V.B. Sauer
U.S. Geological Survey Hydrologic Investigations Atlas HA-613

TABLE 1. -- Description of elevation bench marks

Bench Mark No.Description of bench marksElevation above National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (ft)
1Nail in power pole on upstream side of road and 175 ft left of Highview Road bridge over Toccoa Creek.719.53
240-penny nail in twin poplar tree on left bank, 60 ft upstream from culvert under County Farm Road at Toccoa Creek.783.53
340-penny nail in streamward side of telephone pole, 18 in. above ground, 150 ft right of Georgia Highway 17 bridge over Toccoa Creek on upstream side of road at a "T" road upstream.821.15
4Centerline of Georgia Highway 17 bridge over Toccoa Creek at right end of bridge deck.814.23
540-penny nail in south side of poplar tree with basketball backboard attached 100 ft left of left bank, 300 ft southeast of Beechwood Circle bridge over Toccoa Creek and 1,100 ft west of Georgia Highway 17.828.76
6Chiseled square in southeast corner of granite gate entrance to Forrest Drive from Toccoa Falls Drive.833.18
7Chiseled square on boulder on right bank 180 ft downstream from Toccoa Falls and 1 ft upstream from most upstream rock bench beside nature trail.865.52
840-penny nail in pine tree 1 ft above ground on left bank 30 ft upstream from lip of falls.1,034.15
940-penny nail in a 24-inch oak tree 250 ft downstream from toe of falls just downstream from Kelly Barnes Dam and 90 ft left of Toccoa Creek.1,073.23

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