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USGS Water Science Centers are located in each state.

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Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) - Water-Quality Sampling Sites

Description of water-quality sampling sites in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, 2001-2008

Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
National Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge, Florida
244238081224501MOONSCAPE POND (NATL KEY DEER NWR) NR BIG PINE, FL244238.2812245.820081
244243081225901MORTUARY SINK (NATL KEY DEER NWR) NR BIG PINE, FL244243.5812259.520081
Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, Florida
260957081275501PC POND (FLORIDA PANTHER NWR) NR SUNNILAND, FL260957.7812755.620081
261004081293201LUCKY LAKE (FLORIDA PANTHER NWR) NR SUNNILAND, FL261004.6812932.120081
Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, Florida
262915080124601C-9 DITCH (LOXAHATCHEE NWR) NR DELRAY GARDENS, FL262915.4801246.820081
262950080130301C-1 POND (LOXAHATCHEE NWR) NR DELRAY GARDENS, FL262950.4801303.720081
Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
Lower Suwanee National Wildlife Refuge, Florida
291729083033501BARNETT CR NR TIGER ISLAND, FL291729.4830335.820031
291826083042101MCCORMICK CR NR TIGER ISLAND, FL291826.283042120031
291945083030001SANDFLY CR NR FLETCHER LANDING, FL291945.3830300.620031
292133083025901LSLC-3 POND NR FLETCHER LANDING, FL292133830259.620031
292133083051901LSDC-1 POND NR TURKEY ISLAND, FL292133.9830519.220031
292246083024301SUWANNEE R NR VISTA, FL292246.7830243.820031
292258083044701LSDC-2 POND NR VISTA, FL292258.7830447.520031
292353083032601LSDC-3 POND NR VISTA, FL292357.7830326.920031
292712083011701LSDC-4 POND NR YELLOW JACKET, FL29271283011720031
292721083010901LSDC-5 POND NR YELLOW JACKET, FL292721.7830109.520031
Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, Florida
295942084241901WPT 19 POND NR PANACEA, FL295941842419.12004-2006, 20086
300019084260801KINGFISHER POND NR PANACEA, FL300018.8842608.52004-2006, 20086
300026084242401WPT 68 POND NR HUNGRY POINT, FL300026842424.32004-20063
300030084252801GOOSE POND NR PANACEA, FL300030.4842528.120062
300030084260301WPT 69 POND NR PANACEA, FL300030842604.22004-2006, 20086
300032084252701PANACEA FIELD NR PANACEA, FL300032842527.220021
300036084293901PRINTISS POND 2 NR SOPCHOPPY, FL300224.9842753.720031
300039084260001WPT 221 POND NR PANACEA, FL300039.2842600.920062
300043084243201WPT 79 POND NR PANACEA, FL300043.1842432.12006, 20083
3000430842433013 CORNERS POND NR PANACEA PARK, FL300043.9842433.22003-20053
300050084263701BIGGINS POND NR PANACEA, FL3000488426352004, 2005-2006, 20086
300115084241201SPC PRAIRIE POND NR PANACEA, FL300115842412.620062
300116084241401PRAIRIE POND NR PANACEA PARK, FL300116.6842414.120031
300117084251301OTTER LAKE NR PANACEA, FL300117.1842513.62002-2006, 20088
300123084264401SMALL PRAIRIE POND NR PANACEA, FL300123.4842644.22006, 20084
300130084241501CHICKY POND AT PANACEA PARK, FL300129.48424162003, 20062
300133084265401FAT NERODIA POND NR PANACEA, FL300132.3842655.62004-20052
300138084265701WPT 103 POND NR PANACEA, FL300138.584265720062
300204084273701HAWK POND NR SOPCHOPPY, FL300204.3842737.720031
300213084282401407 POND NR SOPCHOPPY, FL300213.3842824.520031
300217084243101JAMIE POND NR PANACEA, FL300217.8842431.620031
300224084273901WBF POND NR BUCKHORN, FL300223.4842738.820031
300239084233601RING POND NR PANACEA, FL300237.9842335.52003-04, 2006, 20085
300241084274001SPIKE BUCK POND NR SOPCHOPPY, FL300241.4842740.920032
300255084274401BUCKHORN CR AT CR372 NR BUCKHORN, FL300255.6842744.220021
300302084260901TALPOIDEUM POND NR BUCKHORN, FL300300.3842608.12003-06, 20088
300303084263001WPT 150 POND NR BUCKHORN, FL300305842629.42004, 20062
300313084223301WPT 316 POND NR PANACEA, FL300313.3842233.120061
300318084261701CORNER POND NR BUCKHORN, FL300316.5842615.82002-06, 20089
300322084233401GUM FOREST POND NR MEDART, FL300322.3842334.520031
300327084254001JENNIFER SINK NR BUCKHORN, FL300326.1842540.82003-06, 20088
300328084253401OTTER CR AT N LOOP RD NR BUCKHORN, FL300328.2842534.720021
300337084234501PERKINSUS POND NR MEDART, FL300336.8842346.52003, 20052
300339084253901STREETLIGHT POND NR BUCKHORN, FL300337.2842539.82003, 20052
300435084104801LIGHTHOUSE POND (ST MARKS NWR) NR ST MARKS, FL300435.4841048.120081
300441084225101WPT 192 POND NR MEDART, FL300441.2842252.32004-064
300516084093201TOWER POND (ST MARKS NWR) NR ST MARKS, FL300516.3840932.520081
300523084094901HEADQUARTERS POND NR PELICAN PT, FL300523.5840949.12003, 20052
300730084170801SHEPARD SPRING NR WAKULLA GARDENS, FL300730.5841708.42002-032
300857084091101CINGULATUM POND NR PLUM ORCHARD, FL300857.8840911.12002-03, 2005, 20084
300900084084801PLUM ORCHARD POND NR PLUM ORCHARD, FL300900.4840848.52003, 20052
300908084141601FLORIDA TRAIL POND NR SHELL ISLAND, FL300908.6841416.520021
Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia
304633082244901POND NO 2 AT THE POCKET (OKEFENOKEE NWR), GA30463382244920021
304933082224001FORESTED WETLAND NO 4 (OKEFENOKEE NWR), GA304933.3822240.220021
305006082203001FORESTED WETLAND NO 3 (OKEFENOKEE NWR), GA305006.3822030.420021
Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia
313707081164301LUCAS POND (HARRIS NECK NWR) NR SOUTH NEWPORT, GA313707.9811643.72006-072
313712081163601LUCAS BORROW (HARRIS NECK NWR) NR S NEWPORT, GA31371281163620071
313744081163701WOODY PND E DIKE (HARRIS NCK NWR) NR S NEWPORT, GA3137448116372007, 20082
313746081164101Woody Swamp313745811642.42006-072
313747081164101Woody Pond West Dike313746.8811642.92006-072
313748081154701WIGEON POND (HARRIS NECK NWR) NR S NEWPORT, GA313748811549.92006-072
313800081164701BORROW POND (HARRIS NECK NWR) NR SOUTH NEWPORT, GA31380081164720081
313814081162701SNIPE POND 2 (HARRIS NECK NWR) NR S NEWPORT, GA313813.68116282006-072
313814081162701SNIPE POND 1 (HARRIS NECK NWR) NR S NEWPORT, GA313820.7811627.520081
313820081162801GREENHEAD POND (HARRIS NECK NWR) NR S NEWPORT, GA313826.4811605.12006-072
313826081160401GOOSE POND (HARRIS NECK NWR) NR SOUTH NEWPORT, GA313834.7811603.32006-083
Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia
313835081160201WD-8 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA320842.6810538.62006-083
320843081054001WD-7 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA320854.5810606.320061
320856081060501WD-2 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA320859.8810537.72006-072
320902081053601WD-4 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA3209098106292006-072
320909081062901WD-1 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA320917.3810628.820071
320917081062801WD-6 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA3209428106512006-084
320922081052001DBD-1 (SAVANNAH NWR) NR LIMEHOUSE, SC320922.2810520.320081
320942081065001WD-3 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA320951.3810522.42006-072
320952081052101HQ-1 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA321005.6810704.72006-084
321007081070501ND-4 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA321034.5810634.92006-083
321036081063501ND-1 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA321055.7810553.920061
321058081055101ND-2 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA321125.3810556.22006-072
321124081055501ND-3 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA321123.7810619.32006, 20082
321130081044701DT-2 POND (SAVANNAH NWR) NR PORT WENTWORTH, GA321128.9810447.52006-084
Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, Alabama
343246086510301CAVE SPRING CAVE (WHEELER NWR) NR PRICEVILLE, AL34324686510320081
343248086510201CAVE SRING STR (WHEELER NWR) NR PRICEVILLE, AL34324886510220081
343348086503301ROCKHOUSE CAVE SWP (WHEELER NWR) NR PRICEVILLE, AL34334886503320081
343349086503101ROCKHOUSE CAVE (WHEELER NWR) NR PRICEVILLE, AL34334986503120081
Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
Sauta National Wildlife Refuge
343658086075401SAUTA CAVE LOWER (SAUTA NWR) NR SCOTTSBORO, AL34365886075420081
343659086075201SAUTA CAVE STREAM (SAUTA NWR) NR SCOTTSBORO, AL34365986075220081
Station NumberSite NameLatitudeLongitudeYears SampledNumber of Samples
Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Tennessee
353345083505101PARSONS SPRING BR NR CADES COVE, TN353345.5835051.620081
353520083502001GUM SWAMPNR CADES COVE, TN35352083502020011
353534083471601UPPER GOURLEY SINK NR CADES COVE, TN35353483471620011
353536083472101GOURLEY POND NR CADES COVE, TN35353683472120011
353542083501401ABRAMS OXBOW AT CADES COVE, TN353542.3835014.520081
353621083490101METHODIST CHURCH POND AT CADES COVE, TN353621834901.320081
353636083443801FINLEY CANE NO 2 NR BIG SPRING COVE, TN35363683443820011
353638083443801FINLEY CANE NO 3 NR BIG SPRING COVE, TN35363883443820011
353640083482001GREGORYS CAVE NR CADES COVE, TN353635.61834821.3720081
353749083435301SPENCE BR NR DOSEY GAP, TN353749.08834353.8720081
353800083444001RAINBOW CAVE NR SCHOOLHOUSE GAP, TN35380883444720081
353810083445001WHITEOAK BLOWHOLE NR SCHOOLHOUSE GAP, TN35381283445420081
353811083432001LAUREL CR (BEAVER DAM) NR DOSEY GAP, TN353811.7834320.320081
353820083445301WHITEOAK SALTPETER CAVE NR SCHOOLHOUSE GAP, TN35382183445320081
353826083444901RAINBOW FALLS CR NR SCHOOLHOUSE GAP, TN353826.7834449.320081
354014083394101THE SINKS NR TUCKALEECHEE COVE, TN3540148339412001, 20083
354300083372001STUPKAS CAVE NR WEAR COVE, TN35430183372620081

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